Oregon Manifest have a competition running to select an urban utility bike to be put into production by Fuji Bikes. This is a great example of innovation happening in the bike world outside of the arena of competitive cycling with bikes that make sense for commuting, hauling your shopping as well as going for a joyride. It’s worth spending time with the showcase videos and hopefully it provides a window into what we might be seeing at our local bike stores in the near future. Which one is your favourite?

I’m happy to see that the Chicago team isn’t the only one that totally fucked this up. These are all bad and their designers should feel bad.



ay yo i got a question


what ways can i buy/get audiobooks other than through itunes and audible? i would like to be able to just straight up exchange money for an actual mp3 file that isn’t locked into itunes nonsense or stuck in an app owned by…

what about having a HD that holds all the audiobooks? you can get pretty slim external drives that hold a lot for not a lot of money.

Interview with Snowpiercer costume designer Catherine George.

HelloTailor: Could you tell me a little about the process for designing the lead character, Curtis? I remember reading that Chris Evans had to wear sleeveless shirts under his coat in an attempt to make him look less muscular and healthy. That made me wonder how much of an active effort there was to visually distance Chris Evans the actor (who is now so recognizable as Captain America) from Curtis the character.

Catherine George: We talked and worked on Curtis’ outfit for a while before Chris came to Prague. We wanted to make Curtis look very recognizable but at the same time anonymous, the common man who can’t take the status quo any longer — and yes, quite different from Captain America.
We did have to fight against his physique and had to cut away the under-layers, his t-shirt, shirt and sweater. We had so many multiples made without sleeves for different scenes.
Chris was available pretty early on to us. He wholeheartedly embraced his role and was in Prague rehearsing the stunt scenes, most of which he did himself. So luckily we were able to have more than one fitting and have more of his input, which was really helpful.


this makes me laugh.

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I do not watch this show but this might be enough to get me to start

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it’s never too late for james bae may



it’s never too late for james bae may

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